"The novel brims with criminals and seedy types, which Lomax offsets with his two sympathetic convict main characters...There's a lot of stealing going on, but it's all gleefully diverting and never convoluted since it's generally clear, at any given time, who's got the loot...Lomax knows how to keep the plot moving...The clipped prose hums along, generating a blunt, edgy mood...A heist goes bad in entertaining fashion."


by Michelle Kaye-Malsbury:  "Stand Your Ground: legal premise sets the stage for this witty thriller...Obviously Raeder Lomax has a gift for writing" 

AMAZON READER  More than meets the eye!

By William Pickett on April 23, 2016  VERIFIED PURCHASE

"When I finished reading Stand Your Ground, I immediately went to the first page and started reading it again. As other reviewers have noted, it is easy to read, and the story itself is so interesting and intriguing that it moves quickly, but the apparent simplicity and the remarkable verbal economy of Stand Your Ground is deceptive: there are threads of meaning and terse, yet Proustian, imagery that wind through the book inviting contemplation, and that therefore must be revisited. Nothing about this book is as simple as it seems. Lomax takes us exploring without our realizing it at the time we are doing it. Looking back, I wonder how he manages to convey so much with so little. The playwright, the novelist, the poet, and the photographer will all recognize aspects of their talents in this book. I very much look forward to reading the prequel, due in 2016!"

AMAZON READER   Couldn't put it down!

By Susan D. on January 19, 2016  VERIFIED PURCHASE

"I rarely find a book I want to read in one sitting, but that's what happened with Stand Your Ground. Raeder Lomax's style read like I was watching a movie. How often does that happen? My overall recommendation is to buy this book and read it. You won't regret it.

From page one, Stand Your Ground grabbed me and didn't let go. Raeder Lomax's book is about the gun law that stirred the nation when Trayvon Martin was killed and the shooter evoked the Stand Your Ground law. This fictional work brings to life a series of events through Lomax's provocative characters living in a beachside Florida community that further highlights the law's absurdity.

Lawton and Roy are old Army Ranger buddies. Each man has a troubled relationship, a daughter, and a different idea of how to resume life after being released from prison. Lawton is looking to stay out of trouble and Roy is looking to get rich quick. But nothing goes exactly as planned when family, friends and enemies get involved. Each chapter adds a new dimension to this sometimes tense, sometimes funny story of two men who never used guns to commit their crimes. Add one very rich old lady; a gun-happy strip club owner, assorted miscreants and a pool full of pole dancers and you'll soon be enveloped in a thought-provoking tale of greed, blunder and murder.

Raeder Lomax is a master of dialogue. His characters are diverse, vivid and fascinating. Each one rises out of his/her own words. I was hooked in the first chapter when Roy's daughter Crystal picks up Lawton from prison. A smart-mouthed, gritty teenager with a lead foot, Crystal came alive like the big bang. I could hardly wait to meet her mother, and I wasn't disappointed!"