It is 1925, the depths of Prohibition. Bootleggers are bloodying the streets. Easy money and Wall Street insider trading are secretly picking its winners and losers. Lynchings and mob justice fatten the headlines. The Klu Klux Klan is marching by the thousands while its leader poisons his mistress. 

But there is a rebellion against this, and it is embodied in a young "flapper", equal to any man, and a Pullman porter equal to any challenge...Welcome to MIDNIGHT SLEEPER Series 1.


MIDNIGHT SLEEPER, Series 1, is the prequel to STAND YOUR GROUND.

Kirkus Reviews: STAND YOUR GROUND (Murder and betrayal take the STAND YOUR GROUND law's legal premise to its limits.)



by Michelle Kaye-Malsbury:  "Stand Your Ground: legal premise sets the stage for this witty thriller...Obviously Raeder Lomax has a gift for writing" 

AMAZON READER  More than meets the eye!

By William Pickett on April 23, 2016  VERIFIED PURCHASE

"When I finished reading Stand Your Ground, I immediately went to the first page and started reading it again. As other reviewers have noted, it is easy to read, and the story itself is so interesting and intriguing that it moves quickly, but the apparent simplicity and the remarkable verbal economy of Stand Your Ground is deceptive: there are threads of meaning and terse, yet Proustian, imagery that wind through the book inviting contemplation, and that therefore must be revisited. Nothing about this book is as simple as it seems. Lomax takes us exploring without our realizing it at the time we are doing it. Looking back, I wonder how he manages to convey so much with so little. The playwright, the novelist, the poet, and the photographer will all recognize aspects of their talents in this book. I very much look forward to reading the prequel, due in 2016!"

The legal premise of deadly force in the Stand Your Ground law is taken to its limits.

A PAGE TURNING THRILLER:  Jewel thieves, Roy LaHood and Lawton Gibbs, just out of prison, make a deal with the devil to survive. But there's more than one devil and more than one deal, and more than one woman behind it all with a threat of sending them pack to prison if they don't come through with the swag. That is until, one dark night, when everything backfires.

"There was a madness in Ronnie's eyes. The kind a vulture has when it circles the dead..." He had been betrayed. People were going to pay, and he knew just how to get away with it.

Roy LaHood was one of those getting in Ronnie's way.

"Wanda took to Roy. He had the energy of the hunter. The Stride of the cheetah hotfoot in the Savannah..."

She said, "I want a love that doesn't turn into a routine. Something so intense that nothing else ever matters—otherwise, I'm gonna go nuts." Someone else went nuts and the ground he stood on got even shakier.


Reviewed by Lorraine Cobcroft for Readers' Favorite Old buddies  2016


Reviewed by Lorraine Cobcroft for Readers' Favorite

Old buddies, Lawton Gibbs and Roy LaHood, have much in common. Both have troubled relationships. Both have daughters ― in Roy's case a self-serving, manipulative, smart-mouthed teenager with a lead foot. Both, in the first chapters of the story, are released after long terms in prison. Lawton wants to stay out of trouble, but Roy is determined to get rich quickly and he has a radical plan to achieve his goal. Introduce a greedy and self-centred ex-wife and a rich and an eccentric old lady to the scene, along with a gun-happy strip club owner and his crew of pole-dancers. Several other troubled, troublesome and downright seedy characters complete a diverse cast that brings a fictional work to life, challenging the absurdity of the law and society's questionable codes of ethics and morality.

In the early chapters of Stand Your Ground, Raeder Lomax demonstrates the ability to work magic with words and to draw characters who are diverse, vivid and fascinating. The intricately-woven plot raced along through unexpected twists and turns that kept me hooked. Lomax's core premise, the unreasonable use of the quite reasonable "Stand your ground" law as a weapon for self-defence, results in a comedy about jewel heists and the making and losing of fortunes turning quite deadly. I found Stand Your Ground an entertaining read and Raeder Lomax's tongue-in-cheek approach to a very serious issue interesting and refreshing. Ultimately, I think the book will have strong appeal to a wide audience. For lovers of action-packed thrillers, "out-there" characters and clipped prose, this novel will almost certainly prove a winner

Heavy on Fashion reads - Stand Your Ground Book By Raeder Lomax · by Malan Heydecke · October 3, 2016

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so excited to give you a new book review. This time, I had to chance to read Stand Your Ground Book By Raeder Lomax. This crazy action pack novel centers around Lawton Gibbs and Roy LaHood, two burglars who are released from prison after doing a serious jail bid. Once released, some old habit and older enemies come up to cause some serious drama.

There are a ton of crazy, hilarious and super dangerous characters in this insane crime drama. I love it. It was like reading at a great episode of a Quentin Tarantino 90's movie. I mean this was seriously engaging. I could not put this novel down. You have a sneaky ex-wife, a pole dancing that is into some paranormal activity, a swim instructor, and more characters that are insanely good.

There is murder, robbery, double crosses, and some crazy events that will make you wish this was an on TV series. Seriously, this would be a great look for FX or HBO. This book is inappropriate, chaotic, and indulgent. If you are into crime dramas with at revolving door of cray, then get into Stand Your Ground Book.

You can buy Stand Your Ground Book By Raeder Lomax for just $13.95 at · by Malan Heydecke · October 3, 2016